What if Finn the human from 'Adventure Time' grew into a man? He'd probably look a little something like this dude, a guy who cosplays as Future Finn with one seriously amazing beard.

We have no idea who this guy is, and our extensive research (re: Googling for like, 20 minutes) hasn't turned up anything besides his Tumblr page and a Facebook fan page, neither of which give us any clues about this mysterious character -- other than the fact that he's clearly awesome.

Future Finn, aka Beard Finn, is a cosplayer who takes things to the next level. It's not enough to dress up like Finn from 'Adventure Time' -- imagine if Finn were 15 years older. What might he look like? Well, he'd probably be wearing the same outfit, but he'd also have a totally righteous beard and a kick-ass tattoo of his companion and BFF, Jake the dog.

We love this cosplay because it takes a familiar character and adds a believable twist. This is something we might actually see on 'Adventure Time,' and it's in keeping with the tone of the show and Finn's character.

Check out some photos of Future/Beard Finn below, or head over to his Facebook page for more:

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