Host Jimmy Kimmel took an opportunity during the 89th Annual Academy Awards to troll President Donald Trump live during the broadcast in front of millions of viewers worldwide.

Kimmel pointed out that at two hours into the broadcast, President Trump (who is known for his rather erratic and unpredictable tweets) had not said anything about the night's broadcast, which was full of political statements and messages of protest in light of the Trump administration's controversial policies.

The late night talk show host brought out his phone and projected his screen, live in front of the audience, before he tweeted: "Hey @realDonaldTrump u u p?" The host then proceeded to send one more tweet with the hashtag "Merylsayshi," referencing Meryl Streep's famous Golden Globes protest speech.

The tweets were immediately met with jeers on the social network platform, with the first tweet receiving nearly 65,000 retweets in just two minutes.

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