'Pitch Perfect' and 'Super Fun Night' star Rebel Wilson whined to Jimmy Kimmel that she wasn't allowed to make fun of Britney Spears nor Miley Cyrus at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Wilson says that after Cyrus and Spears' teams (they're both repped by Larry Rudolph) found her notes for their respective introductions, she was "banned" from telling jokes about the two singers.

"Their management got a copy of my jokes ... and then I was banned."

Kimmel gave the Australian actress some side eye, but she insisted, "The jokes weren't that bad! It was like, 'Miley Cyrus got to the top through her raw talent and hard Twerk.' It wasn't even that bad!"

Well, it was pretty bad. But not in that way. Plus, Cyrus claims to be over twerking now, so perhaps Rudolph just wanted Wilson to do something more relevant. You know, like avoiding tongue scrapers, which is apparently timeless.