Lady Gaga is known for repeating her hairstyles. The singer brought back the hair bow recently and now, she is dragging dreadlocks out of coif retirement.

Gaga tweeted the latest 'ARTPOP' promo photo, featuring her seated on that Haus of Gaga digital chair that looks like a computer motherboard, wearing a baggy, beige jumpsuit and a Rapunzel-like pile of white dreads falling around her shoulders and face, spilling into her lap. It's a unique pairing of a bunch of disparate styles.

It got us thinking. Is this Gaga's version of prison chic, with the one-piece? We know, it's not standard issue prison orange but it does look like locked up attire. It's super voluminous, too.

She's also rocking platform, espadrille-like sandals. It's always about the shoes with Ma Monster, isn't it? She's pop music's equivalent of 'Sex and the City' footwear queen Carrie Bradshaw.

That said, we're really digging the thicket of dreads. Huge and long hair has been a key part of her look on the 'ARTPOP' cycle.

That's our Gaga! She is always keeping us on our toes when it comes to her look, image, fashion and style.