If you’re a tourist in Hollywood and desperate to catch some celebrity sightings, you’re probably going to hop on a tour bus. If you’re on one of those on Oscar night you likely won’t see anyone famous walking the streets, unless, of course, you’re a part of a Jimmy Kimmel prank.

The Oscars host brought a bus full of people into the Oscars on Sunday night. The tourists were told they were going to see gallery of celebrity dresses and gowns, not realizing they were walking right into the Dolby Theater. (How the heck did a bus of people not realize they were literally outside of the Oscars on Oscar night? No idea, but let’s just go with it.) Here’s a recap of the very awkward event:

  • Kimmel turned off the lights, brought them out, and had the entire crowd yell “Mahershala!” (Why? Because apparently a name that’s not typically white is “funny” and “weird” sounding.)
  • Denzel Washington officiated a couple’s wedding. (Not really, but close enough.)
  • Jennifer Aniston gave a woman her sun glasses.
  • Mahershala Ali’s Oscar got a rubbed by a bunch of strangers.
  • Things got really boring and I realized this was just a lame attempt for Kimmel to top Ellen’s celebrity selfie.
  • The end.

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