James Franco, notorious Hollywood bachelor, is apparently not a great kisser — at least, according to Zoey Deutch.

The 23-year-old actress, who co-starred with (and had to kiss) Franco in 2016 rom-com Why Him?, was asked by a fan what she thought of the experience during her Wednesday night (June 20) appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Her response? "Meh."

Host Andy Cohen was surprised. "Really? Not great?" he asked, to which Deutch replied with a flat "no."

"Not memorable?" he prodded.

"Yeah, very not memorable," she said, adding that Franco's breath was "actually not good."

When asked about her more recent co-star, Set It Up's Glen Powell, however, she had more favorable things to say.

“We actually shot a movie called Everybody Wants Some!! together four years ago and on the first day we met, we vowed we’d make a smart, funny rom com and we ended up doing it,” Deutch said. “And I know that sounds like I made it up, but I didn’t and it feels really cool like a wish fulfillment that this movie got made and we did it together.”

Watch a clip of the moment below.

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