Her hips may not lie, but Shakira's tour merch sure is, uh, misleading at best.

On Tuesday (April 19), German media outlet Bento addressed the Zootopia star's proverbial elephant in the room: a gold sun-shaped necklace being sold for her El Dorado World Tour that features a design bearing a striking resemblance to Nazi imagery.

The trinket, a small necklace featuring a geometric sun pattern, is nearly identical to the Black Sun — in German, the Schwarze Sonne — which is an occult Nazi symbol still celebrated in some neo-Nazi communities today. The Black Sun icon was also used by SS leader Heinrich Himmler in the 1930s.

The pendant, which reads "Shakira El Dorado World Tour," was originally sold on the artist's online store for $9.95 before being removed amid the controversy. Shakira kicked off her tour in Germany at the Barclay Card Arena in Hamburg on June 3.

See a comparison between Shakira's necklace and the Schwarze Sonne, below:

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