While many were a little perturbed at the idea of an American remake of last year’s award-winning German-Austrian comedy Toni Erdmann, and that it’s happening so soon after the original was released, we have some extremely good news today: Jack Nicholson, whose last starring role was in 2010, is coming out of retirement for our Toni Erdmann.

Variety reports that Paramount acquired the rights to the remake with Nicholson set to star as the main character — whose actual name is not, in fact, Toni Erdmann. In the original, Winfried Conradi decides to visit his daughter Ines but the two can’t find time to connect because she’s always busy. Conradi adopts a strange comedic persona by donning false teeth and a wig, dubs this alter ego “Toni Erdmann,” and proceeds to cause mischief.

American remakes can be pretty hit or miss, and with a film of this caliber, it’s going to be tough for an English-language version to even come close. But Nicholson may be perfect for the role, and honestly if I were to make a list of all the male actors who could possibly embody the outrageous character of Winfried/Toni, he’d be the only one on it.

UPDATE: As soon as Nicholson’s casting was announced, we wondered who’d play his counterpart, Winfried’s daughter Ines. This movie just became ten times more exciting, because Variety has updated their report to include Kristen Wiig as Nicholson’s co-star! She’ll play his high-strung workaholic daughter who needs to learn to let loose.

Toni Erdmann debuted at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. It’s currently in the running for Best Foreign Film at this year’s Academy Awards.

Toni Erdmann is currently out in theaters in a limited release.

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