Sad news for fans of both the original, and rebooted Battlestar Galactica series, as actor and sci-fi icon Richard Hatch has passed away. The producer, writer and onetime soap opera star was 71.

Per TMZ, the Santa Monica native had been battling pancreatic cancer, and passed away after hospice care in Los Angeles. Hatch’s TV work dated as early as 1970 appearances on All My Children, eventually spanning everything from Hawaii Five-0 to The Hatfields and McCoys to Baywatch.

In 1978, Hatch originated the Battlestar Galactica role of Captain Apollo, though the series only lasted one season. Hatch wrote several novels in the 1990s, even creating a trailer in an unsuccessful attempt to pitch a revival. The franchise eventually got off the ground as a TV series in 2004 under Ronald D. Moore, in which Hatch recurred as terrorist-turned-politician Tom Zarek.

A number of Battlestar Galactica alum also offered their remembrances over Twitter:

Hatch is survived by his son, Paul. Best wishes to all those mourning his loss.

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