I have a deep love for anyone in Lubbock who is "extra" with their yard. From beautifully xeriscaped yards to Lubbock's beloved Smiling Bush, these homes always catch my attention and make me happy. I have a neighbor with dozens of rose bushes, so I walk by their house every day in the Spring and Summer.

Let's face it: the landscape around here is a little less than, shall we say, dynamic, in our neighborhood areas. Of course, we have beautiful parks and prairie, but the areas we live in are literally and figuratively flat.

However, as a lover of the spooky year-round, I have a new favorite yard here in Lubbock. The Skeleton House curates a display for every holiday, not just Halloween, with their huge skeletons.

And they have an EPIC eclipse display!

The Skeleton House On Facebook
The Skeleton House On Facebook

Even the skeletons are protecting their eyesight with proper eyewear today:

Previous The Skeleton House displays included a skeleton Easter egg hunt, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, and clever non-holiday displays like the skeletons posed to look like they were hanging on for dear life on a windy West Texas day.

The house is located near 34th & Chicago and you can give them a follow on Facebook. Seriously, are there any houses over there for sale? I would love to be their neighbor.

I hope this creativity and fun encourages other Lubbock yard owners to step up their game, whether they opt to curate a natural landscape, go the traditional route with grass and flowers, or do something buck wild and amazing like The Skeleton House.

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