This question pops up quite a bit as we always want what we can’t have, so let’s discuss once again some of the businesses we would like to see more of in the state of Texas in 2024. Let’s be honest being a business owner is not easy, but it’s always fun to think about what new business we would like to see open just down the block from us. It was a topic that was brought up recently on social media so I wanted to share some of the responses with you. 

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When you first think about businesses you want to see, if you’re anything like me, you automatically think about your favorite restaurants that aren’t around anymore. Those restaurants that bring back all of those memories from when you were younger, but I will say the list of businesses that people want to see open wasn’t just limited to restaurants. There was a variety of places mentioned as you will see below.  

Lots of Suggestions for New Businesses Wanted in Texas 

As most of us know, Texans aren’t shy to chime in when it comes to things they want, so it was nice to see so many restaurants and businesses that people want to see more of in Texas. If you’re wanting to open your own business in Texas, this might be a great list to help you figure out what would be successful for you to open.  

Let’s Look at What Business Texans Want to See Open in 2024 

Here is a look at the businesses that Texas residents mentioned they would like to see open sometime in 2024, but the sooner the better. 

Texans Want More of These Restaurants and Businesses to Open

Recently there was a social media group talking about what restaurants or businesses we want more of in Texas and here were the results.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

World Records Broken in Texas in 2023

Here is a look at some unique and cool world records that were broken in Texas in 2023

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