It's not really something that a person brags about, but I have spent my fair share of time using public restrooms. I'm not bragging, but I've visited several over my lifetime. Hence, my surprise when I came across this recently "study" about public bathrooms.

How did we rank 24th worst in the nation when it comes to public bathrooms?

Are Texas Public Restrooms Really Bad?

I think that's just a little too general of a question. Certain truck stops pride themselves in their facilities. They're magical places where you can go, answer nature's call, and walk out without feeling the need to jump in a pool full of peroxide. Buc-ee's is one such place.

If you never been to one, you're missing out. They're clean and there's sculptures and wall art. It's too nice. Almost suspicious.

I've been to several state parks, and for the most part they're fine. It's a bathroom in the state-sponsored wilderness. What are you expecting?

Restaurants are another story. Real hit or miss there, I'll give you that.

So what brought our score down?

Why Are Texas Public Restrooms So Bad?

According to the study done by Lavatory Lab, yes it's a real thing, the things we got dinged on were cleanliness, privacy, access to things like changing tables for babies, the usual stuff you complain about.

So, while we ranked 24th worst overall, we at least beat Oklahoma and New Mexico. So, if you've got to go, and you're in this neighborhood, go Texas.

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