Dang it. I knew I should have kept my record players. Yes, I had several but I think the last time I owned one was the year 2000. I believe I sold my last record player during a garage sale.

I grew up on VINYL in the 80's! I still say it's the best sound you can get from music.

So the other day I go to Barnes And Nobles and I see this.

aye aye images
aye aye images


Wow, is that the 'Dangerous' album from Michael Jackson that I bought back in the day. And, is that the Weekend and Kendrick's new stuff on VINYL.

Yep, this made me smile.

I don't know if it really is making a comeback or if it's just the COOL RETRO thing of the moment, but it was nice seeing VINYL again in stores.

Do you still own VINYL and a record player?


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