As someone who grew up doing yoga in high school at 5 a.m. I simply love it and have been meaning to get back into it but maybe this year is my chance. Back in 2018 yoga became super popular after baby goats were brought into the spaces to added and extra bit of something. I grew up on a farm and still find adding goats to yoga a bit odd just because of the probable clean up factor after but a similar trend that started back in 2022 seems to be taking off all over TikTok.

You could always add puppies. That right puppy yoga! Adding puppies to yoga classes is becoming very popular with many people trying to get into yoga poses or being prevented from certain poses due to the puppies. I personally think puppy yoga sounds amazing, not as amazing as chicken yoga which should be a thing just because puppy breath is better than chicken breath.

It seems that soon puppy yoga classes will be in Texas soon as they started in Europe and made their way to Canada. I am not quite sure what all puppy yoga entails or how to go about setting this up but maybe a yoga studio would like to team with a local shelter to set up some sort of puppy yoga adoption event.

Let's hope that puppy yoga makes it's way to Texas because that is the cutest workout I have ever seen. I do think if a puppy falls asleep on you then you just have to wait it out, the best excuse to not work out during a workout. Let us know in the comments if you would ever participate in puppy yoga if it came to your town.

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