I swear Reddit has to be my favorite site for reading and finding out some of the most ridiculous things.

Someone had asked who was putting up the "fire-n-brimstone" electronic billboards around town, and naturally, I had to see if anyone answered.

Sure enough, someone had the answer right away.

The answer was Bible Believers Baptist Church.

Ok, now I know churches tend to get a bad rap it seems. There are a lot of people who feel churches "push their agenda" on people.

Yes, it's true that SOME churches or religions out there do indeed do that. Not all of them though.

Well, I had to see if this is one of those types of churches, so I kept reading the comments. I was pretty surprised to learn this particular church has been a little, extremist for lack of a better word.

When the city of Canyon decided to no longer be a dry city and started selling alcohol, this church allegedly threw a gigantic fit.

From what I read, this church went as far as running an ad in the Canyon newspaper and managed to get their hands on the petition.

With that, they took all the names on the petition, you know, people WANTING alcohol to be sold in the city, and posted them up on the website.

I can't even begin to tell you the levels of wrong this is. This is something that could potentially destroy families and friendships.

We all have friends and family where we don't agree with their political or religious beliefs, but you can still get along and be the best of friends.

Something like this though could flat out ruin that. If someone felt THAT strongly about the particular issue, they could disown from family or end a friendship. Not cool.

So where does the cult thing come in? Well the initial commenter mentioned this particular church is an "independent fundamental Baptist church", which they so eloquently stated was "a cult".

I don't know anything about this church or what an independent fundamental Baptist church is, so I can't speak on it.

However, there seems to be a debate as to whether or not there are cults within the Amarillo and Canyon city limits.

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