All submarine jokes aside, did you know that the Department of the Navy announced that it will allow women to serve aboard some U.S. Submarines beginning in 2016. Is this a good idea?

Before you say 'No way!', please consider that women already serve on subs in several countries, including Israel.

In a statement, the Department of the Navy said:

The Department of the Navy plans to add enlisted women crewmembers to seven Ohio-class submarines starting in 2016 and to four Virginia-class attack submarines beginning in 2020.

But how much will it cost to build women's quarters on the subs? Well that depends on the age and class of the subs.

 The integration plan calls for women to make up 20 percent of the enlisted crew of submarines on which female officers are already serving. More than 60 women officers are serving on 14 ballistic-missile and guided-missile submarine crews. Female officers began integrating into the submarine force in 2011 after the Navy lifted its ban on women serving aboard submarines in 2010. Female officers will be arriving at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton by January 2015 to join the crews of the attack submarines USS Virginia (SSN 774) and the USS Minnesota (SSN 783). -

What are your thoughts on women serving on U.S. submarines? Can the Navy take sex out of the equation?