Did you see "Greater Tuna?" You know, the show where Joe Thomason and I each dress up as ten different characters and portray small town life in Texas? The show that performed to sold-out audiences for weeks on end? The show that made me sympathize with anybody who has ever worn high heels for an extended period of time?

If you missed out on it, you have one more chance. This Friday night, we'll do our final performance of "Greater Tuna" at the Opera House in Colorado City, TX. Joe and I, along with our director, stage manager, assistant stage managers, and dressers (yes, I use the Oxford comma...look it up) are very excited to present this show to a new audience. Going to a small town to perform a show about a small town seems a bit scary. I mean, they may actually think that we are making fun of them and their sensibilities.
If you really think about it, we're not making fun of anybody. Just as the Broadway musical "The Book Of Mormon" is an atheist's love letter to the Latter Day Saints, "Greater Tuna" is a comical love letter to those characters in Anytown, USA. We all know the crazy old lady down the street who is constantly chasing animals off of her lawn. You may very well have an uncle whose wry personality makes him an odd choice for the city council. And that hellion high school dropout could be more complicated than anybody ever suspected.
Taking a show on the road is always a fun challenge. Every stage is different. Every lighting/sound system is different. Dressing rooms are different. Audiences are different. I love going to a new theater, adapting to the environment, and putting on a good show, despite those differences. As I said, a fun challenge.

If you're in Colorado City, or if you want to make the drive to Colorado City to see "Greater Tuna" before it goes away for good, it's very easy to get tickets. Just call 325-242-6455. And if you don't want to go, that's fine. But as the closing line from the show says, "If you can find someplace you like better than Tuna...MOVE!"