Ice-T has been on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for 17 years. That's 384 episodes, a crazy number of shocking twists, and a ton of hilarious one-liners. After 17 seasons, an actor should know his own show like the back of his hand, right? To find out, we put Ice-T to the test, quizzing the man behind Detective Fin Tutuola on his Law and Order knowledge. We gave him a list of SVU episode synopses, some real and some fake ones we made up by me – an SVU fanatic who’s watched (and recently ranked) every one of the show’s 400 episodes.

So is there really an SVU episode about a man with 47 children? What about an episode where an artist murders men on the sex offender registry? Can Ice-T remember which heinous crimes are real and which are fake? Watch the video above to find out.

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