It's taken me a few months, but I have finally watched this season's episodes of the Robertsons in A&E's 'Duck Dynasty', and I loved it.

The Louisiana clan of Robertsons made their fortune in manufacturing duck calls, and even had forays into reality TV on sports channels with 'Duck Commander' and 'Buck Commander'. It was't until A&E picked them up and put them on a major network that they really took off.


Some friends of mine said that they never missed and episode of the show, so when A&E announced that they would be doing a marathon of DD, I set my Suddenlink Tivo and caught some past episodes. This show has quite the cult following. It's funny, warm with good values thrown in.

They had me at, "It's on, like Donkey Kong!" The season finale is on A&E tonight.

Watch a clip from the show:

What's you'r favorite Duck Dynasty moment?