Football is King in Texas. There's no denying it, but what happens when there aren't enough team members to suit up in the Fall?

Someone has to step up. In Harrold, Tx Olivia Perez answered the call. As a new season approaches for kids in our state. Olivia's story is a great reminder of why the game is played.

Each player brings to the field a different motivation. Of course, they want to win and hopefully they want to work together as a team, but last season in Harrold. They weren't sure if they would have a sixth man man to complete that team.

Senior Brady Blakely had lost his dad the year before during football season, and just wanted to play to honor his father during his senior year. They almost didn't happen. It would not have happened if Olivia Perez had not decided to suit up.

ESPN featured this story below, and something the Hornets coach, Craig Templeton, said has stuck with me since watching it.

"Look what that girl did for that boy. I mean she's just jumping right in to the middle of something she has no idea what it's like what it's about, but she's doing it for a friend. If people would take that type of attitude, the United States and the world would be a lot better place."

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