Showtime’s Homeland smartly moved beyond the Brody years with a string of international settings, but may be staying put once more. After a New York homecoming in Season 6, Season 7 is confirmed to move to Virginia, also announcing its return cast.

Showtime confirmed that Season 7 would pick up with Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison having moved to Virginia, presumably to keep Washington D.C. in focus after the dark finale turn of President Keane (Elizabeth Marvel, also returning). Also confirmed to take part in Season 7 are Mandy Patinkin and late season 6 guest star Linus Roache, though not necessarily F. Murray Abraham (h/t TVLine).

Said showrunner Alex Gansa:

We’re thrilled to bring the production of Homeland to the great state of Virginia. Its cities and neighborhoods and people will surely provide a rich backdrop for our story, and we in turn aim to provide a small but hopefully significant boost to the local economy.

Also worth noting; the series will return to production this fall for an early 2018 debut, despite the year-long gap that saw Season 6 delayed to 2017 (and out of its usual fall perch). The series was also renewed through Season 8, with reports indicating the eighth year might be the last.

Stay tuned for the latest on Homeland’s continuing presence in the homeland as Season 7 gears up for production.

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