Talk about pushing your luck.

Rosa Dominguez is a 19-year-old from California who recently won the lottery twice in one week. And we're not talking small winnings, either.

Dominguez's portfolio initially increased when she bought a $5 Power 5 that netted her the top prize of $555,555.

Not content to rake in a half million dollars by doing nothing more than scratching off a ticket, Dominguez stopped into a gas station a few days later and bought a $5 Lucky Fortune Scratcher. The result? She once again walked away with the big prize -- this time a mere $100,000.

All told, she won $655,555. Not bad for a teenager, whose usually income on summer break comes from asking if you want fries with that.

What is she going to do with all her money? California Lottery reports "she wants to go shopping and buy herself a new car."

Not to mention maybe some more lottery tickets. If the third time is indeed the charm, then we'd love to see how much money she's going to win the next time around.

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