You think being Pinhead looks painful? Just imagine getting fitted for the makeup.

The star of the upcoming reboot of the Hellraiser franchise, Jamie Clayton, took fans behind the scenes of the project with a recent Instagram video, which shows the process of making a mold for the Pinhead prosthetic makeup. Basically, you sit in a chair while makeup artists poor all kinds of goop over your entire head, leaving only a tiny hole to breathe. Then you have to sit there in complete darkness while the latex dries, at which point they remove the newly created mold that can then be used to create masks or other prosthetic applications.

Take a look at the process for yourself. But be warned: If you’re claustrophobic, this seems way more terrifying than anything in an actual Hellraiser movie.

Actor Doug Bradley played Pinhead from 1987’s Hellraiser through 2005’s Hellraiser: Hellworld, a run of eight straight movies. Stephan Smith Collins replaced him in 2011’s Hellraiser: Revelations, then Paul T. Taylor took over the role in 2018’s Hellraiser: Judgment. Clearly, Clayton’s casting indicates the new film will have a very different interpretation of the long-running horror icon.

This new Hellraiser movie is considered a reboot of the franchise, based on a story by David S. Goyer (and obviously inspired by the original source material by Clive Barker). Besides Clayton, the cast also includes Odessa A’zion, Brandon Flynn, Goran Visnjic, and Hiam Abbass. It’s expected to premiere on Hulu some time next year.

Here’s one more exciting tease of the movie from Clayton’s Instagram account:

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