One of the newest restaurants in Midland is wanting to be the best place to eat.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Harvest Neighborhood Kitchen is attached to Telos Health and Conditioning located at 4400 N. Big Spring in the Mission Square Shopping Center.

The restaurant opened in May and even though it had no social media at that time, word of mouth spread like wildfire.

Orlando Castillo is the owner of both Harvest Neighborhood Kitchen and Telos Health and Conditioning, He opened Telos 11 years ago but decided to add a restaurant to give a full-cycle service.

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“It’s every fitness person's dream to provide a full-circle service to customers,” said Castillo. “We want to have the fitness side and the food side for the whole wellness holistic type of business.”

The focus of Harvest Neighborhood Kitchen is health and wellness from healthy wraps and bowls to cauliflower crust pizza, burgers, smoothies, and salads.

They also serve coffee and recovery drinks for after your workout.

The restaurant has started serving brunch on Saturdays with waffle platters, sausage, bacon, eggs, and fruit.

Soon they will get their alcoholic beverage permit so they can start serving mimosas.

Harvest Neighborhood Kitchen also serves healthy Mexican food options like quesadillas and street tacos which feature black beans, corn, and cheese with salsa and guacamole on the side.

If you want to suggest items for them to add to the menu, go to their Facebook page and let them know.

They are open 8 am-2 pm Monday-Wednesday, and 9 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday.

Castillo said he wants to extend the hours of operation once he gets enough staff.


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