Parking at Midland International Air & Space Port is changing and with a whole new parking system means no more free parking, unless you are playing Monopoly.

According to NewsWest 9, upgrades to the parking lot include new entrance and exit machines, new sealant, and new cameras and signage when you are driving up to the terminal.

"It takes a picture of your license plate, keeps track of when you came in so that if you lose your card for any reason, your ticket, when you leave, they can tell exactly how long you've been there and how to charge you," said Justine Ruff, Director of Airports.

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In addition to new parking lots, the airport has a new car inventory system where it takes a picture of all the license plates so airport employees don't have to write them all down, saving them hours of work.

So with all the new technology, that means free parking is gone too.

"Our overflow parking, where people have been parking for free, that's all signed and on Oct. 15, we're going to tow the vehicles out of there that remain," said Ruff.

Those parked in the free parking overflow were informed of the change three months ago so they have had plenty of time to get their vehicles out of the overflow lots.

The parking capacity has gone up about 700 spots, so the airport is prepared for the holidays and West Texans returning to the friendly skies.

The airport has begun its final acceptance testing, which means everything will be monitored for a month to make sure everything works perfectly, after that they will enter the warranty phase.

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