This woman was plum(ber) out of luck.

Gracie Henderson, of New Caney, Tex., had the grand misfortune of getting her hand stuck in a toilet in her house when she tried to clear a clog with her digits since she didn't have a plunger.

Henderson had just moved into her home and didn't have a plunger, ahem, handy, so she did what anyone no one would do and shoved her fist in the toilet to fix the problem.

According to KHOU, "Firefighters had to remove the toilet, and Gracie, from the home and then destroy the porcelain throne to free her –- all while her new neighbors watched."

We're going to assume that after all was said and done, Henderson gave her hands a washing like she never has before so they were clean to the point she could cover her face in embarrassment while walking through the neighborhood because you just know the other people on the block are gossiping about "the woman who got her hand stuck in a toilet."

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