Lady Gaga brought the hits (the hits!!!) to the Coachella Valley Music Festival Saturday night (April 15), where the headlining pop star dazzled concertgoers with a set jam-packed with career-spanning singles, deep cuts, reworks and—brace yourselves, Little Monsters—even a new song.

During her late night performance, Gaga rocked the desert music festival with dance floor anthems from The Fame ("Just Dance," "Love Game"), pop smashes from The Fame Monster ("Bad Romance," "Telephone," "Alejandro," "Teeth"), rollicking metal-pop bangers from Born This Way ("Born This Way," "Scheiße"), slick electro tunes from Artpop ("Venus," "Sexxx Dreams") and rowdy country-pop jams from Joanne ("John Wayne," "A-Yo").

The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter slowed things down when she took to her piano to perform "The Edge of Glory" and "Speechless," joyfully announcing to the massive crowd, "Playing to 100,000 people—not too shabby!"

However, the most exciting moment of the night came when Gaga announced the debut of a brand new song she had "been working in the studio on," called "The Cure."

Unlike the twangy country and blues-hued songs off her latest album, 2016's Joanne, Gaga seems to have returned to her purest pop roots on "The Cure," which is a sweet slice of big, blissful, rhythmic synth-pop and features a massive, shimmering chorus: "So baby tell me yes / And I'll give you everything / So baby tell me yes / And I'll be all yours tonight!"

Watch a clip below:

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