Halsey says G-Eazy and Demi Lovato are purely platonic.

The pop star was approached by TMZ at LAX on Thursday (July 20), where the tabloid asked the "Sorry" singer about her ex-boyfriend's rumored relationship with Lovato.

"Nah, they're just friends. They're cool. Demi's cool," Halsey said when asked about G-Eazy and Lovato, who were recently spotted coming out of a Hollywood club together late at night.

The singer also shared her thoughts on hooking up with an ex, mere days after telling fans "just don't f---ing sleep with your ex" during a concert.

"You catch feelings you don't need to have," Halsey wisely told the TMZ cameraman.

As for Halsey's dating future? She won't be looking for love on Tinder, that's for sure.

"Hell no, [dating apps are] not my style," she said, laughing.

G-Eazy also insisted he and Lovato were "just friends" while attending the ESPY Awards earlier this week.

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