A man was left heartbroken after he tried to surprise his girlfriend, just to find out she was cheating on him.

The guy took to Reddit explaining he and his girlfriend met when they were kids, but rarely got to see each other due to him living in Kentucky and her living 13 hours away in Minnesota.

The duo were able to reconnect recently though after he relocated to Minnesota for work. They had even begun discussing their future when things suddenly went awry.

"This all happened this morning, but some back story first [to explain]. I grew up in Kentucky and would spend summers in Minnesota with a parent. One summer, when I was 12, I met [my now-girlfriend] and we clicked instantly," he wrote via Reddit. "We started dating at 13 but life would always take me back to Kentucky so it has always been an off and on thing. Skipping over all the times we have enjoyed together in the past 20 years we have never ended things poorly and always remained friends."

He continued: "In the past year and a half, my life has completely flipped. I finished a huge milestone in my career that allows me to work essentially where and when I want. After all this, I started talking [to my girlfriend] daily again and getting close, so I took a job call in Minnesota and we spend all of our free time together."

The guy noted that his girlfriend kept reassuring him their relationship was going good, and that "it finally [made] sense" for them to be together.

Adam Winger via Unsplash
Adam Winger via Unsplash

He recently took a trip home to Kentucky for a family fishing trip and his aunt's birthday, but he was missing his girlfriend and wanted to surprise her by showing up at her doorstep.

"I have a few days to spare between the party and the trip, so after the party, I drove 13 hours straight to Minnesota to surprise my girlfriend before work," he wrote. "When I finally arrived completely exhausted I walked into her bedroom and turned on the light to see her ex-boyfriend lying asleep next to her in his boxers and no shirt."

The heartbroken man then had to drive an hour and a half to a family member's house "before sleeping the day away."

"Now I'm sitting here in Wisconsin trying to process all this," he wrote.

Reddit users were quick to comfort the guy in the comments, explaining it's a good thing he found out before the relationship got more serious.

"One take-away, one that you will realize one day after it stops hurting so much, is that you found out now rather than later. If you had committed yourself to her and found this afterwards, I think it'd be a lot worse," one person wrote.

Another commented: "Dodged a bullet. You're an accomplished guy with his whole life ahead of him. Don't let her weasel her way back in your life. Cut her off completely and don't look back."

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