What should have been a great couples' vacation was instantly ruined after one man let his insecurities get the best of him after learning his girlfriend initially chose to date him because he was a "safe option."

On Reddit, the man revealed the drunken comment hurt his feelings so much that he left the trip — leaving his girlfriend behind in the process. However, he's now wondering if he overreacted.

Sharing his story on Reddit's AITA forum, the man explained he met his girlfriend through a mutual friend in college.

"Grace and Kenzie were college friends, and I never thought I had a chance. Kenzie is beautiful, and while I'm not ugly, I've always felt like we weren't in the same league," he wrote. "[I have] no idea how I got her, and I still don't."

The man shared Kenzie surprised him with a birthday getaway to his favorite lake and invited their friends to come to celebrate with them.

After a few drinks, the group began to play a couples' card game. That's when things got a little tense.

"Basically, you pick one person in the relationship that fits [a] description, or it prompts debates between couples," he explained. "One of the cards that was chosen prompted the players to answer the question, 'What originally attracted you to your significant other?'"

Kenzie, who the man claimed was "pretty drunk" by this point, responded by saying her boyfriend was "safe" and "wouldn't cheat [on] or leave" her.

The response was not what he expected.

When the man asked for clarification, Kenzie replied, "You seemed nice enough, and after my abusive ex, I wanted a safer option."

Her response left him shocked, and after everyone went to bed, the man packed his bags and left in the middle of the night to make his way home. He also sent Kenzie a text to let her know he didn't want to fight.

"She blew my phone up all Saturday, as did a few of my friends," he continued. "I decided to go golfing and just turn my phone off. I just didn't want to talk to anyone."

When Kenzie showed up to his house Sunday, she was "fuming" and told him "that my leaving early ruined the whole trip. It was all anyone could talk about."

Kenzie told him she felt like a "POS," though she was still very upset he didn't "give her a chance to explain."

"She rented a boat (I love boating) and felt like I disrespected her efforts/money to put together the trip. I told her that I didn't feel like arguing, so I went home to avoid the drama. Some said that it was an AH move to just bail, and I should have stayed because she did put a ton of effort into the trip," he added, asking Reddit: "AITA?"

The viral post earned thousands of comments, with many slamming him for being too easily offended.

"This seems like a wild overreaction. She had an abusive ex and thought you were a good guy who would treat her well and value her. What's the problem?" one user wrote.

"What is wrong with being safe? Safe is the person you trust, the one you expect to be there when you really need them, the one that makes you relax, want to stay, make plans with, and find ways to grow close to. Considering her history, that is most likely a very precious thing to her. Sadly, you overreacted, and now this girl who felt safe with you has learned that no, she can't trust you to be there for her when the going gets uncomfortable after all," another commented.

"It sounds like you're projecting your own insecurities onto her...You owe her a HUGE apology," someone else weighed in.

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