Giving a wedding speech is a big honor that comes with a lot of responsibility.

Traditionally, you want your speech to be captivating and include a few sentimental stories, but it's also essential to make your audience laugh with a few lighthearted jokes.

On TikTok, a man went viral after he took the mic to share the moment he realized the bride and groom were falling in love — even though he was dating the bride himself at the time!

In the viral clip shared by TikTok user @joshandpres, the best man explains he instantly noticed the bride and groom had a special connection.

"The laughs they shared together, the way they looked at each other. And you would think it would sound really romantic," he says, before dropping the mic: "The only problem is I was dating Rachel at the time."

Immediately, we hear cheers, laughter and shocked gasps from the guests.

Thankfully, the gasps aren't coming from the bride or groom. As the camera pans over to the couple, they smile and laugh about their love story's complicated beginning.

The bride even raises her glass in a toast for her friend's ultimate wedding roast.

Watch below:

As of publishing, the clip has garnered over 9.4 million views on TikTok.

The comments section is stuffed with support for the unlikely friendship.

"My husband's best friend is my ex too," one viewer wrote.

"Never let your boyfriend stop you from finding your husband," another user joked.

"This is actually very positive. Realizing you’re not the one for someone but allowing them to love. Super selfless," another user commented.

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