The following post contains SPOILERS for Black Adam. Also, please take note: The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change. Just FYI.

Black Adam first appeared in the pages of The Marvel Family way back in 1945. (At the time, Shazam was known as Captain Marvel; Marvel didn’t technically exist at the time, and they would not create their own “Captain Marvel” until 1967.) And within the mythology of DC Comics, Black Adam dates back to the days of antiquity, when he was one of the earliest warriors to claim the powers of the wizard Shazam.

That gives the creators of Warner Bros.’ new Black Adam movie a ton of room to reference the characters’ lengthy backstory, both on the page and in the world of DC. As such, the movie includes references to tons of DC comics heroes, villains, and criminal organizations. It’s also got some surprising cameos from familiar actors who appeared in previous installments of the DC Extended Universe. (Not to mention the guy who shows up in the post-credits scene.) Below, we’ve collected ten of the coolest DC movie and comic Easter eggs from the film, which is now playing in theaters.

Black Adam: The Coolest DC Easter Eggs

Here are all there references to DC comics you might have missed in Black Adam.
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