Most couples want their wedding to be a day they can't forget. This couple wishes it could be one they can't remember.

A groom in Pittsburgh was arrested at his wedding over the holiday weekend after a brawl erupted when he allegedly hit on a pregnant woman working the reception.

Mark Williams reportedly got "touchy feely" with the woman and even attempted to pour alcohol down her throat, so she called her boyfriend to pick her up. The two then got into a fight.

Williams' brother -- a state trooper -- was also arrested after he somehow got into the mix and tangled with the police. A fourth man, identified as a member of a nearby school board, also made his presence felt by punching out a car window and screaming he was HIV positive as police took him into custody.

Got all that? It's like a Jeff Foxworthy routine magically came to life.

Clearly, this marriage is off to a rollicking start and these crazy kids will have one heckuva sdtory to tell the grandkids.