Talk is ramping up on possible "vaccine passports" being required across the country for people to get back to traveling, but this is not setting well with our governor.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Gov. Abbott on April 5, 2021 issued an executive order to ban the "vaccine passports" in the state of Texas.

This means government entities within the state cannot enforce the passports which just shows people are vaccinated.

The governor stated the ban would apply to "any public or private entity that is receiving or will receive public funds through any means, including grants, contracts, loans, or other disbursement of taxpayer funds."

This would not apply to private companies, so airlines can still require a person to have a "vaccine passport" if they so choose.

"Whereas, an individual's COVID-19 vaccination status is private health information, and no governmental entity should compel disclosure of this information by mandating a so-called 'vaccine passport' for COVID-19 or by otherwise conditioning receipt of services on an individual's COVID-19 status," the order reads.

As of now there is no talk about the federal government issuing a mandated COVID-19 vaccine passport and Dr. Anthony Fauci said the government would not be issuing any kind of vaccine passports.

Personally, I am fine with having to show verification that I have been vaccinated to get on a plane or any other public transportation.

With the variants that are popping up all over the country it is extra peace of mind to know that I am riding with others who have been vaccinated.

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