Green Acres Miniature Golf Course is planning a July 2021 opening of the newly remodeled and refurbished golf course.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Green Acres fell into disrepair over the past few years, but now the miniature golf course that has been a part of Midland for over 60 years, has been getting a total remodel over the past few months and is now scheduled to open in July.

As a kid growing up in Midland, I spent pretty much all of my childhood going to Green Acres back in the 70's so when I saw that the lot had fallen to disrepair I was bummed and hoped that someone would get it and make it into the fun place it used to be.

When Putt-Putt moved in to Midland in the early 2000's, Green Acres was pretty much forgotten since it is about a mile east of Midland on old Hwy 80, that caused it to have to close down. But once Putt-Putt closed down and a new shopping center was put on the lot, Midlanders have had no place to go play miniature golf.

So now the rebirth of the course is underway with a total remodel of all the courses and the clubhouse/concession too. Once it is finished it will be a state of the art miniature golf course that still keeps the classic courses that I grew up with like the "Country Mile," "Ant Hill," "Roller Coaster," "Windmill," and "Water Jump."

The new building and entertainment area will have concessions and games but it will also have hook-ups for food trucks.

Green Acres is also planning on other phases such as play areas on the north side of the area and a future amphitheater to be constructed.

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