It's Tuesday January 13th and that means a slew of new movies hit the stores on DVD and on Video On Demand.

Here's what's new on DVD today:

• "Gone Girl" Ben Affleck is suspected of murdering his wife after she goes missing. Rosamund Pike is his wife, Neil Patrick Harris is the wife's ex-boyfriend, and "Blurred Lines" sexy model Emily Ratajkowski, is Ben Affleck's mistress.

• "A Walk Among the Tombstones"  Liam Neeson is a private investigator who agrees to track down the people that kidnapped a drug dealer's wife and still murdered her after he'd paid the ransom.

• "The Identical"  Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd as the parents of Elvis' twin, who desperately wants to get into music too. He's played by Elvis impersonator Blake Rayne.

• "Men, Women, & Children"  Adam Sandler is a dad addicted to internet porn, Jennifer Garner is a mom with a strict chokehold on her daughter's internet access, and the teen cast includes Ansel Elgort from "Divergent", and one of girls from Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing".

PLUS:  The fifth season of "Boardwalk Empire" the third season of "House of Lies" the third season of "Dallas" the second season of "The Bridge" and the eighth season of "NYPD Blue".

(Wise Bros. Media)