Security concerns are a big deal nowadays with the increase of school shootings over the past several years, so Goddard Junior High in Midland has put in a new security system to put many parents, teachers, and students at ease.

According to NewsWest 9, the main entrance to Goddard and the portable buildings around it have been accessible to many for years.

"Portable buildings to the west and then just our main entrance on the east. We had to keep two doors unlocked at all times. And both of those doors you could come in, you could go upstairs, you could go to classrooms. So really we were just wide open to regards in security," said Principal Shelly Haney.

But not anymore, a new camera and buzzer security system was installed last week which puts the safety of students and staff a lot more secure.

"They push the button and it sends a doorbell sound to our front desk and our clerks see a video of whose at the front door," said Principal Haney.

If the system is deemed a success, MISD will adopt the system on other campuses in Midland.

"The school police department is kind of using us as a pilot program for the system to see how it goes and hopefully other secondary campuses can benefit from the experiment we're going through right now," said Principal Haney.

No timeline was stated of when other schools in MISD could get the new security system.


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