Groundhog day? Try Groundhog four-straight-years — yet again, the Twitterverse convinced itself Monday night (May 6) that between Lady Gaga's many outfit changes, Katy Perry's kiss with Celine Dion and the Met Gala's many additional Camp-themed moments that Jason Derulo took a mighty tumble down the stairs.

Except Derulo wasn't even there. So why do so many people think it's him?

Because the internet is a recycled meme-factory that can't even let completely debunked myths go. According to Cosmopolitan, the image of the man falling featured in the tweet above (and many other tweets) is from a 2011 Cannes Film Festival red carpet event. A Twitter user later drummed it up in 2015, claiming that it was Derulo, but Derulo, himself, quickly dispelled the myth, noting on Instagram “Lmao I’m at rehearsal in L.A. Fuq y’all! Lol,” he said on Instagram at the time."

But no matter how many times Derulo or others pointed out that the singer had nothing to do with the photo in question, it has continued to pop up, year after year. In fact, the same exact meme manifested amid last year's Met Gala, too.

But hey, at least the tide is slowly turning. Many users responded to the latest misappropriation, with one Twitter-user posting "Every year I say this joke is old and I’m not going to laugh but every year it has me looking at my phone like..." while another noted "I love that this recycles every year."

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