The eighth and final Game of Thrones season is bound to bring with it some major casualties, and our first confirmation has lit up the night sky. See for yourself, as some major spoilers glimpsed from set photos reveal a dire fate for one of Westeros’ most famous families.

You’re warned of all the mother-flippin’ spoilers in the realm from here on out, but it looks like our instincts about The Night King’s first target may have been correct. Breaching The Wall in Season 7’s finale meant the undead army was likely to burn through Northern targets first, and some super-spoilery new set photos from Watchers on the Wall seem to be taking that literally. We can’t show the photos here – and really, turn back if you don’t want spoilers – but a major fire was observed at the Moneyglass estate set that doubles for Winterfell, spelling out the Stark ancestral home’s fiery doom.

Granted, there are a few things to unpack here. WotW points out that the fire could be color-corrected to match either Viserion’s blue flame or Cersei’s remaining cache of Wildfire, though an attack from the undead army still seems most likely. Some significant threat to Winterfell was always in the cards, especially after star John Bradley hinted that every Game of Thrones character would visit a new location in Season 8, including those with little occasion to leave Winterfell. And before you suggest it, a distant fire is an awfully unreliable way to fake spoilers.

The destruction of Winterfell is low-hanging fruit as Season 8 spoilers go, but we at least know filming of the final episodes will continue through summer – not December, as Maisie Williams was recently reported to say. Otherwise, we’ll see Winterfell one last time regardless in 2019.

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