The recent rash of Netflix cancellations has produced one oddly-harmonious refrain in the comments: “Cancel Fuller House instead!” Well, apologies. Not only are the Tanners and Fullers officially returning for Season 3 in September, but they’re celebrating a major milestone in the process.

Full and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin shared over Instagram that Season 3 of the revived ABC sitcom will stream all episodes on Friday, September 22. More than any old weekend (or the first day of fall), however, it seems September 22, 2017 marks precisely thirty years since the original Full House first premiered:

Franklin also previously revealed that Season 3 will total eighteen episodes, up five from the first two thirteen-episode seasons, both of which debuted in 2016. Season 3 will likely even feel a bit more authentic, as Franklin bought the famous San Francisco home that served as exterior to the Tanner household, with intent to shoot both new outdoor shots, and potentially film indoors as well.

Netflix isn’t likely to debut photos or a first trailer until later in the summer, but who can believe that thirty years have gone by for the Tanners? How rude, indeed.

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