There is something intriguing about a full moon and this weekend I caught a some of that with my camera. I hope you enjoy these shots!

Sometimes finding the best place to shoot the subject is harder than the subject itself. For example, I knew the general place the moon would break the horizon, but I wanted something interesting there when it did. Unfortunately, I started running out of time when the first place was inaccessible. By the time I made it to a secondary location, I had only minutes of daylight left and barely enough time to get everything set up.

I found a 2-story parking garage that no one was paying particular attention to on the weekend, set my self in the southeast corner and began setting up my cameras. One of the cameras was my GoPro Hero which I was going to use to get a time-lapse shot of the moon rising, the other was my trusty DSLR mounted on a new tripod I got as a Christmas present.

Moon rise was at 6:15PM Central and I had just moments to spare as I booted up the cameras and began getting images.

Then, the clouds began to appear. Instead of hindering the shooting, they actually added some pretty interesting effects and coloring to what would have been a boring subject. Here are the results:

The time lapse video I shot will be featured in an upcoming vignette that may shake up the way you look at the world...and the moon. Look for that one this week!

Did you get some great shots from this weekend's full moon? Please share them with us in the 'comments' section, below!