When is the last time you opened up a 'Texas law book?' I don't know if that is actually a thing, I just made it up to say that there are some silly, weird, strange things that the state of Texas deems illegal. Like, did you know it is illegal to eat your neighbor's garbage? Yep! If you do so, you could get slapped with a jail sentence for trespassing and property theft. I guess I'll stop digging through my neighbor's trash for leftovers then. Smh. 

What in the heck took place back in the day? Did our forefathers really have to put this kind of thing down in the books with pen and paper? Like informing someone 'hey, do NOT throw your trash out of this airplane!' Which is also illegal by the way. I'm not a window seat person but last I checked those things cannot be rolled down so why did this have to become a law?

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  • want to skip the hassle and expense that comes with a wedding? No problem. In the state of Texas, all you have to do to be considered legally married is simply publicly announcing your other half as your wife or husband three times. Is this kind of like the Beetlejuice thing? You are my husband, you are my husband, you are my husband. Boom! Now I shall take your last name. lol
  • remind me never to visit LeFors, Texas. It is illegal in LeFors to take 3 sips of beer while standing. Well, that's absurd. And also I would definitely probably break the law every weekend there.
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    Bet You Didn't Know: 10 Bizarre Texas Laws Still on the Books

    Many states still have strange laws on the books that aren’t enforced or taken seriously anymore, and Texas is no exception.

    Most of these laws are just funny now, but at one time, there was a valid (or at least somewhat valid) reason for them to exist.

    Texas has plenty of strange rules and regulations that you could technically be prosecuted for if you violate them, since they've never been amended. Some of these are only for specific cities and not state-wide, but all of them are pretty odd!

    Let's take a look at 10 of the weirdest ones in the Lone Star State.
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