A mother was left absolutely gutted after she picked up her daughter's phone and saw a notification she wasn't expecting.

On parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman shared she noticed her daughter had received texts from a person listed under her contacts as "Mum." It wasn't her though, but rather her ex's new girlfriend.

"[My daughter] left her phone on the side of the bath and I moved it as I was about to have a bath myself. When I picked it up it had a text notification from 'mum' ... definitely not me as I haven't had a reason to text her for days," she wrote via Mumsnet.

When she confronted her daughter, she got an answer she wasn't expecting to hear.

"I couldn't help myself so I asked her who it was and it turns out it's from her dad's girlfriend he's been with for two years max who is barely 10 years older than our daughter," she continued. "I'm just floored and heartbroken. Her excuse was she was angry with me but f--k me. I feel like someone's ripped my heart out."

In the comments section, some users accused the mom of not respecting her daughter's "privacy," while others offered some sympathetic words.

"Ouch, that must have hurt. It is a difficult age, I can remember mine shouting I hate you at me which did make me cry. My advice is to just grit your teeth, you will get through this, probably with a few emotional bruises and in my case lots of gray hair," one person wrote.

"Most of us were very silly when we were teenagers. If she ever clashes with her, no doubt she'll be changed to 'bi--h' in the blink of an eye. I would just roll your eyes to yourself and not bother being heartbroken. Silly teens are gonna be silly teens. It's actually good that she doesn't have a s--t, hateful relationship with her dad's girlfriend at the minute. Better for her all round," another commented.

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