Previews of coming attractions are a hallowed tradition dating back to the earliest days of cinema. (They originally followed — or trailed — the movies, hence the name “trailers.”) So is the tradition of creating fake trailers for non-existent movies and inserting them into actual works of cinema.

After extensive research (i.e. we watched a bunch of stuff on YouTube), ScreenCrush assembled a list of the 15 best examples of fake movie trailers from the world of film. We did not include very amusing unauthorized fake trailers made by fans or artists (like the compelling clip for the long-awaited Titanic 2: The Return), which deserve their own list some other time. The trailers that follow were all made as part of theatrically released movies.

You’ll find links to watch all the trailers in the list, and a YouTube playlist of all 15 clips below that. And now, in a world where one man felt lost, comes an article about finding joy in the strangest of places...

The Best Fake Movie Trailers From Actual Films

We love when real movies feature phony trailers for nonexistent movies. Here are the 15 funniest ones ever made:

A Playlist of All the Best Fake Trailers from Real Movies:

Every Movie Theater Candy, Ranked From Worst to Best

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