Midland Mayor Patrick Payton sent a letter to the FAA about relocating Midland Airpark to Midland International Airport, and the response from the FAA has just come in.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the letter states that the city of Midland could be required to pay a huge portion of the $5.3 million in grants from the FAA and Texas Department of Transportation as part of the closure of Midland Airpark.

“Should the city decide to move forward, a formal closure package with cover letter, answers to the questions included in Attachment A of this letter, along with any relevant supporting documentation will need to be submitted to the Texas Airports District Office for review,” said the FAA in its letter. “Once TxDOT, TxADO and Southwest Region Airports Division have completed their review and all requirements are deemed satisfactory, the closure package will be forwarded to FAA headquarters for a final determination.”

The letter states that the FAA is looking into previous grants received by Midland Airpark from the FAA and TxDOT which adds up to about $5.3 million.

The city is working on getting the airpark relocated so they can develop that stretch of Loop 250 between Garfield and Big Spring street along with extending 'A' Street from north of the loop to connect with 'A' Street that dead ends at Airpark drive just north of Wadley.

Once the mayor and city leaders answer the 26 questions referenced in the letter from the FAA, the process will go to the next phase.

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