The owner had the idea of creating a beauty school and was not deterred even during the pandemic.

According to NewsWest 9, Nancy Davis is the owner of Amenti Beauty Academy and saw a need in the area for a cosmetology school, then the pandemic began.

"It’s just delay, after delay, after delay. It was really hard starting with the station, that’s when the whole thing with China came up, so my whole station would not come," said Davis. "I had to go with a whole new route. So these are not the original stations I had planned."

Davis stuck with it and kept going forward with her plan knowing there had not been a school like hers in the area in years.

"There really hasn’t been a privately owned beauty school in Odessa for a long time," said Davis. "I really don’t know how long, but it’s been a long time. The next privately owned school is in Lubbock and I always thought that we need to give people a choice."

Odessa Business Challenge helped out Davis even though the pandemic had just started closing everyone down.

"So we started right when COVID hit, and we had to change to online and we built our business plan and found our location,"  said Davis. "And in June 2020, I got word that I was one of the final eight. I got to pitch my idea to the judges, and they were blown away by my idea, maybe by me I don’t know, but they decided it was a good thing to have in Odessa."

Even though construction took longer than Davis expected because the contractors caught COVID, she persevered and is set to open her beauty academy next month.

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