Exclusive! 'Braking Bad' contributor Jerry Bland, caught part of Thursday's multi-county stolen vehicle car chase that ended in a crash in Odessa. 

NewsWest 9 reported that Odessa Police received a call on a stolen vehicle, taken from Highway 191 and Parkway early Thursday morning. Midland Police then located that vehicle in Midland at Wadley and Loop 250. MPD tried to pull the car over the chase began and a police car was hit by the stolen vehicle at Golf Course road.

According to officials, Midland Police stopped chasing due to safety concerns, the car continued toward Odessa and the DPS and DPS helicopter got involved. They spotted the vehicle near Rocky Lane and Eastridge in Odessa.

US Marshals say the chase came to an end at Copus and Park when the driver apparently lost control and crashed into a yard.

The Marshal also said the driver was 17 year old Marcus Duarte. He will be charged with aggravated assault of a peace officer for hitting the Midland Police car, as well as possession of cocaine and marijuana. Duarte and the 3 other teen passengers in the car, Nickolas Villanueva, Caleb Hilcox and Zeander Fowler ran off on foot but were caught. All will face evading arrest charges, and felony theft charges.

Thanks again to Jerry Bland for the use his video! If you have a video of bad drivers, you can submit them to our Facebook Page or 'Braking Bad' landing page.

(NewsWest 9)