The first sign of the border wall President Trump has promised will begin in the El Paso Border Patrol sector along the New Mexico/Mexico border.

According to the Texas Tribune, groundbreaking was held Monday (April 9, 2018) for the beginnings of the promised border wall from President Trump.

“The president has started his project,” Agent Aaron A. Hull, chief of the U.S. Border Patrol's El Paso sector, said as he stood by the fence that will be replaced by the new wall. “This is the beginning, in this sector, of the president’s border wall – very much so.”

The project will begin with 20 miles of bollard-style wall that will be 30 feet tall and will include five feet of climb resistant material.

Construction will begin in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, just 13 miles from El Paso, and will replace the short vehicle barrier that exists on the border now that doesn't prevent anyone from crossing the border.

The 20 miles of border wall will cost about $73 million and will be completed in about one year.

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