Ed Sheeran's new album, ÷ (Divide), already offers an intimate look into the artist's life over the past three years, but in a fresh interview, the singer-songwriter opened up even more, talking about his current girlfriend, the "dark moments" that inspired his record, and how tuned in he is to his fans.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Sheeran revealed that the album, like many of his others, was written and recorded while touring and traveling, something which greatly influenced its content.

"I've always made my albums on the road. The road isn't always happy. It's not the most stable place for a relationship or a life," he said. "There are some dark, dark moments on the album. My life isn't like that now. Those songs were basically written a while back and I felt they should be on the album, because you can't just have an album that's all positive. It has to have light and shade."

One of the lighter sides to ÷, however, would be his childhood friend and current flame, Cherry Seaborn, who he's known since he was 11 years old. As he tells it, Seaborn keeps him grounded as he continues to chase fame.

"I think it's cool," Sheeran expressed, joking, "You don't get away with a lot, because she can call you out on anything!"

But the performer's girlfriend isn't the only one he turns to for support: He also shared that he has been carefully listening to his fans' reactions to his new album.

"I spent about six hours last night watching YouTube reaction videos," Sheeran admitted. "It just makes me smile the whole time."

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