In a world void of Community movie updates, ABC’s Dr. Ken has steadily drawn headlines with Ken Jeong inviting former Greendale students and teachers for mini-reunions. That prospect will get even weirder with series creator Dan Harmon and star Alison Brie, as the already-meta Community gets its own meta-return.

As outlined on Entertainment Weekly, the March 31 episode was initially to see Community creator Dan Harmon playing himself, inviting Jeong’s character to “Ken’s Big Audition” in an already-meta sendup of Jeong’s real-life transition from doctor to comic actor. Now, former Community (and upcoming GLOW) star Alison Brie will also play herself, already cast in the community college sitcom Dr. Ken goes out for. Does your head hurt yet?

So reads a synopsis:

In Dr. Ken’s season two finale, “Ken’s Big Audition,” Alison Brie will be guest starring as herself, an actress just cast as a series regular on Dan Harmon’s new sitcom. Alison reads with Ken during his audition, and is soon uncomfortable with Ken’s bold acting choices.

Harmon will also be playing himself, the creator of a new TV comedy set at a community college. Harmon’s character saw Ken perform stand-up at an open mic and invites him to audition for a part on his show — with little idea what he’s getting himself into.

Worth noting, the ABC sitcom has already seen guest spots for former Greendale stars Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Joel McHale, Danny Pudi and Jim Rash, with Jonathan Banks upcoming. Chevy Chase is still Chevy Chase, and Donald Glover … well, he’s got a number of projects to land on, these days.

And hey, while we’re at it, Dan Harmon seems less and less optimistic about an actual feature film completing the “Six Seasons and a Movie” mantra, just as Glover has been equally content to let it go.

All episodes of Community are available on Hulu, and you can catch the next mini-reunion on March 31.

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